The company has the exclusive right of DEZEGA HOLDING UKRAINE LLC to perform compulsory maintenance, annual audit, repair of respirators P-30, P-34, P-30 EX, pressurized compressor KD-8, KD-5, leak test devices PGS, and universal control device UKP-5, as well as carries out revision, calibration of devices:

• underground-mine anemometer;
• HS-10.11;
• IR;
• ASG;
• KP - 3M.

2. We carry out the revision and calibration of manometers to 600 kgf / m3.
Specialists of the service center were trained at  DEZEGA HOLDING UKRAINE LLC and have certificates of qualified training in the field of repair of mine rescue equipment.

3.We carry out inspection and hydraulic testing of small oxygen cylinders.

The service center is equipped with new, high-tech equipment, which ensures high-quality work performance.

The "Inpro" Service center uses only original Spare parts and components from of DEZEGA HOLDING UKRAINE LLC  manufacturer